Custom Teardrop Camper Prices

For SOME reason, everybody wants to know what they cost! Well, the answer depends! That's the nature of the custom camper world. We can give you some guidance here though. We will give this one caveat; this is guidance only. We can provide quotes, but that usually follows a brief phone conversation (30-60 minutes) to discuss exactly what YOU want in a camper. If it's going to last you for years and years and thousands of miles, it better be exactly what YOU WANT!

1st- Keep it SIMPLE! (the bottom of the price range) 

Our Simplicity model is the entry-level model for people who have all their own gear and just want to get into the camper world, get off the ground, and get a great night's sleep. This model comes uninsulated and is the starting point for all of our builds. 
  • Custom Color Options at No Additional Cost
  • 5-6 week build time
  • ​$8500

2nd- The Sky is the Limit! (the top (kind of) of the price range)

Our RV-NV model is the top of the line. They include a cooktop, refrigerator or storage drawers, solar panel, stargazer window, exterior convenience lighting, sink, and air conditioning. 
  • Fully loaded
  • 10-12 week build time
  • 10-12+ week build time
  • $11,000-$13,000+

3rd- Land Anywhere in Between!

Consider your customization an a-la-carte experience! We don't force you to purchase a particular set of options. You can mix and match to get exactly what you want without paying for something you don't need!
  • Air Conditioning - $750
  • Stargazer Window - $500
  • Exterior Convenience Lighting - $400
  • Cooktop (*) - $350-? (Depends on cooktop chosen)
  • Refrigerator - $750
  • Drawers - $750
  • Sink - $350 fixed, $500 slide-out
  • Reading Lights (*) - $100-?
  • Tongue Cargo Rack - $300
  • Interior/Exterior Entertainment Center (*) - $500-? (Highly dependent on equipment selection)
  • 100W Solar Panel - $350
  • Faux Ceiling Tile (*) - $500-?
  • 100Ah Deep Cycle Marine Battery - $150
  • Trailer Brakes - $500
  • 5-ft Camper Width - $1000 premium (also limits color options, but gets a queen-size bed!)
  • Vehicle Wrap (company logos, graphic designs, nearly limitless options) - Priced depending on graphic selection
  • Any other custom requests are billed as material cost + handling fee + installation hourly rate

Get a Quote!

After reviewing what we have to offer, let us know what you're thinking! This is just the beginning of the quote process. Nothing is set in stone here. We'll guide you through the design process so you get exactly what you want!
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